• Mr. Eight & Mrs. Eight Debut Collection

    Los Angeles, CA - In her first collection, Iris Dinu introduces a line of men and women's travel sneakers branded Mr. Eight & Mrs. Eight respectively. Offering designed comfort and style for life's infinite travels, the men's line reflects casual chic, while the women's line provides a dynamic, detailed feminine look. Initially existing exclusively at 88 in Beverly Hills, Iris's own shop, the line will soon be offered at selective retail locations globally.

    The Mr. & Mrs. Eight brand is inspired by Iris's years of travel across every continent. After working in the international finance and real estate development sectors for over ten years, she put the necessity of stylish travel, and love for it, to work. "Traveling has been an inspiration all my life. I enjoy experiencing the inner workings of a location, and take every opportunity to explore," says Iris. "One needs to pack light and practical, but practicality shouldn't mean one's style identity has to be lost."
    Each city served as direct motivation for the line, and subsequently each shoe is named after a place, or location she's visited. "In Abu Dhabi, the water is blue that isn't seen anywhere else. The shimmer of the sea as a reflection from the sun was the inspiration for the texture and sapphire color in one pair. Another is inspired by one of my dearest friends. An extreme Laker fan, the LA shoe's iridescent purple and vibrant gold mimic her energy and the electric excitement this town has for their team."
    Each sneaker design has 45 handcrafted pairs. As Iris continues to design, the patterns and textures will subtly change for the seasons. In each collection, one shoe will be offered as an exclusive limited edition, in which once sold, the pattern will be retired. In this case, the sneaker titled "Beirut", 
    an elegant hightop for women featuring a fanned tongue. "The romance of the shoe reminds me of the traditions and grace of this beautiful city."
    "The number 8 has so many meanings, but to me, I never want to stop discovering ... the infinite nature of what might be next in life is so inspiring. It's something I try to remember each day."
    Created from all genuine leathers inside and out, handpicked by Iris, the sneakers are light, comfy, and eclectic. Iris has started her expansion plans into NYC and beyond. "The uninfluenced, edgy fashion exists where the stores aren't yet. So we'll go to them .. perhaps they'll even inspire our next line." For now, the sneakers are also available at
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